Camry gramofon CR 1113

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Camry gramofon CR 1113
Vintage turntable AUX / FM The modern Camry CR 1113 turntable is intended for true vintage sound enthusiasts. You can play your vinyl records at 33, 45 or 78 RPM, and if you don't want to listen to any of the recordings, you can turn on the built-in AM / FM radio. What’s more: in case you want to enjoy the silence, the turntable can be used as a clock or alarm clock. Functional and elegant This model combines a vintage mechanism with modern electronics, giving you many more options than owning a radio and turntable separately. It is also a real saving device! The CR 1113 turntable is equipped with a pair of speakers with 3 W sound power (1.5 W each). You can also connect external speakers to the AUX output, but if you want to enjoy music yourself, you'll definitely appreciate the headphone input (3.5mm jack). At the top is an LCD screen where you can change the unit settings and check the current time. The designers of the CR 1113 wanted to ensure that the look of the product was timeless, subtle and free of any exaggerated elements. That’s why the turntable is a great choice for all types of interiors - from retro cabinets to modern apartments - and a unique companion in more relaxed moments. It’s not fashion, it’s a lifestyle Record records are supposed to have been forgotten, but in fact they are still used quite often. They may not be as popular as they used to be, but in addition to classic albums, there are still new releases on the market. Artists, producers and music enthusiasts - all appreciate the timeless beauty of vinyl records. Listening to the music you play on the turntable is not a temporary way, it is an indicator of great taste in music. “Vinyl polishes” are popular among audiophiles and professional DJs. Features: 3 playback speeds 33/45/75 LCD AM / FM radio PLL radio Alarm clock AUX v Stereo RMS power: 3W More on: official site
Raspoloživo, isporuka do 2 dana po uplati
71,67 €
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  • Raspoloživo, isporuka odmah u trgovini
  • Raspoloživo, isporuka do 2 dana po uplati
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  • Nije raspoloživo nije internet trgovina već mjesto na kojem možete pregledati i usporediti ponudu drugih trgovina za Camry gramofon CR 1113. Iako se podaci osvježavaju nekoliko puta dnevno savjetujemo da se prije kupovine detaljnije informirate direktno kod trgovine koju ste odabrali za kupnju proizvoda Camry gramofon CR 1113. ne jamči za točnost objavljenih informacija, kao i to da prikazane slike u potpunosti odgovaraju stvarnim proizvodima. (5908256831896)
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