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Sponsored products

In addition to product range displays, banner advertising and PR Combo Box, you can advertise your products with the "Sponsored Products" option.

There are two types of sponsored products:

1. Sponsored products within categories

This type of advertising on Nabava.net includes highlighting products within categories at the top of the list of all products. After clicking on the featured product, the user is redirected to your web shop.

You manage the sponsored products yourself - you determine which products you want to highlight, for how long and how much budget you want to allocate for it.

The price of sponsored products within the categories is  €9.29 (HRK 70) / 1,000 impressions.

Setting up sponsored products and monitoring performance is easy and always available on your store's user interface.

1. In the left menu, click on "Sponsored products" located at the bottom of the list.

A tab will open where you select the category you want to advertise in and the display dates (once you've chosen the display dates, you can't change them!). The dates do not have to be in order. For example, you can mark only even dates, weekends, etc. It is possible to select a maximum of 30 days.

2. When you select the category and display dates, a daily and total display price calculation will appear.

The daily display price varies depending on the category and its popularity.

Click on the "Buy" button.

3. A page with a new window will open. There you can upload the image of the product, enter its name and price, and paste the link to it. Click the "Save" button to start the campaign.

4. You will find a list of all your campaigns by clicking on "Sponsored products" in the left menu. Campaigns can also be updated, i.e. change the image, name and price of the product, and change the link for redirection.

2. Sponsored products on the front page

Apart from within the categories, it is also possible to buy up a place on the front page, in the first or second row. It is a featured offer where you choose several popular products from your store. Sponsored products on the front page are also managed by you.

The price of the sponsored products on the cover is negotiable.