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Marketing (English)

Nabava.net is a price comparison website and for many the first step to buying online.

Our visitors can view and compare products from multiple web shops in one place and learn about price, availability, and shipping costs for each product across different stores.

Why advertise your products on our site?

  • we have 500.000 visitors a month
  • 2.6 million page views per month
  • 60% of visitors are regular users

Each new web shop receives FREE 500 HRK / 66,36 € on their advertising balance for 2 weeks to experience the effectiveness of our price comparison service first-hand.

*terms and conditions apply

How to advertise your products on Nabava.net?

There are 3 ways you can display your products on our website:

  1. Showcase your product range
  2. Display banners
  3. Sponsored products
  4. PR Combo Box

1. Showcase your product range

Advertising on Nabava.net is simple and effective. Your account is charged when visitors are redirected from our site to your webshop. You can track the results at any time.

When a visitor on our website clicks on an offer from your online store, they are redirected to your site. Only this conversion is charged.

Since the system is optimized so that the potential buyer can find all the necessary product information on our site, this conversion can very often result in a purchase.

Our team designed a special user interface you can access at any time. In addition to seeing regular balance updates, there you can also track how many clicks your products receive, which ones are the most popular, and how they rank compared to other products on our site.

You can track each click, the time it happened, and its cost.

2. Banners

Whether or not you advertise your products on our website, you can display banners on the front page, within categories or on product pages.

However, webshops which advertise their products on our website are entitled to additional discounts.

​  ​  

Banner type Dimensions Price desktop
(for 1000 impressions)
Price mobile
(for 1000 impressions)
Medum rectangle 300 x 250 80 kn / 10,62 € 88 / 11,68 €
Half page 300 x 600 90 kn / 11,95 € -
3:1 Rectangle 300 x 100 50 kn / 6,64 € 55 / 7,30 €
Leaderboard 728 x 90 80 kn / 10,62 € -
Billboard 970 x 90 80 kn / 10,62 € -
Floating banner (do 10 sec, obavezan gumb za gašenje, max 1 prikazivanje po posjetitelju) 300 x 300 250 kn / 33,18 € 275 / 36,50 €
Billboard 970 x 250 180 kn / 23,89 € -

Front page:

  • 30% higher price - banners 300x100, 300x250 (N1 & N2 positions)
  • 20% higher price - banners 300x600, 300x250 (N3 position)
  • Expandable/rollover and video banner - 50% higher price
  • Banners 160x600 and 120x600, position 2 - 20% lower price from 300x600 banner

On the product / category pages, the 300x100 banner appears below the 300x250 banner (in case both are active).

The minimum order is 5000 impressions.


Impressions Discount
10.000 - 49.999 10%
50.000 - 99.999 20%
100.000 - 299.999 30%
300.000 - 599.999 40%
više od 600.000 50%
  • agency discount 20% *
  • advance payment discount: 10%
  • first time advertising discount: 15%

* In order to be eligible for a discount, an advertising agency must be registered as a primarely marketing service provider, the bulk of the revenue should come from marketing services, and may not advertise its products and services. Upon request, the agency is required to provide appropriate evidence that these conditions are met

Webshops which advertise their products on Nabava.net are eligible for an additional discount for advertising their own services and products.

  • standard-mode webshops: 20% 
  • premium-mode webshops: 30% 

3. Sponsored products

Sponsored products involve highlighting products within categories at the top of the product list. In addition to sponsored products within categories, it is also possible to lease space on the front page.

To find out more how sponsored products work, click here.

4. PR Combo Box

For those who want to take full advantage of all Nabava.net's digital channels, the PR Combo Box is an ideal option.

"PR combo box" includes:

  • promo article about your store and products in the Articles section, visible on the front page and mobile app for 7 days
  • publication of the article in Nabava.net newsletter (image + caption) sent to 7.500 subscribers
  • shared article on Nabava.net Facebook page
  • shared article on Nabava.net Twitter account
  • Price: 1.500 HRK / 199 € + VAT